Zander Makes It Worth It

I have wanted to home school my children since before they were conceived. When Zander was an infant, I began researching and reviewing all of the different curricula. There is a ton to look at. Not to mention all of the online home schools out there.

Over the past 2 yrs we have purchased a several to try and let Zander be a guinea pig. This past year I decided on Sonlight. Its everything that I have been looking for; Literature based, Christian based, teaches phonics not sight reading, and has easy to follow schedules.

Zander working on some math!

Zander working on some math!

Reading their reviews, I see that lots of moms just rave about this curriculum. I though I would try it this preschool year; make sure it was good for Zander and good for me. Make sure that this homeschooling thing could actually work out. I mean how do you fit it in and how do organize and how do you do it?

We began in August 2008. I had a few bumps in the road. (not Zander, me lol) Dale & I had IVF procedures and became pregnant. I became very very ill!! Trying to figure out how to do this and still take care of 2 children, a house, a husband, other responsibilities and be sooo sick was a challenge, but I am glad it worked to out that way. We are just a few weeks of finishing up and I finally see, YES I CAN do this!! I can do this and I want to do this. It was challenge with the extra things, but when in life do you not have “extra” things going on. With all the trials that came up, I see that I can really do this and all the benefits that come along with with homeschooling. I am jumping in both feet and completely invested morally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and definitely financially.

Being a stay at home mom, I am already close to my children, but Zander and I bonded even more. I see more of his interest and his strengths. And I see his dislikes and where he needs to improve. I am able to give him the attention he needs to have the best education. He snuggles up to hear a story and is able to answer questions afterwards. Lexi enjoyed it as well and had her favorite books, if she saw those favorite books coming out, she would run to see and hear. She wanted to be like big brother and wanted to “write” and color and participate. Lexi “reads” and Zander “reads” to himself and to Lexi. This exposes Zander and Lexi to a wide range of literature, culture and skills.

Lexi loves her Aquadoodle

Lexi loves her Aquadoodle

Zander reminds me if we are behind schedule, “Hey MOM we need to do school!” or brings me his books to tell me its time. I’ve now have it so he says, “What can I do while I wait?” Lets face it, sometimes at 930am, I’m not always ready to begin; sometimes morning chores are not done or we were distracted by Daddy not getting out the door on time. But I loooove that he is still excited to begin and does not want to miss it.

He takes things that we do and talk about into our daily lives and can not wait till Daddy is home so he can show his newly created project, handwriting or math work. He even wants to mail things to Grandparents, Cousins and friends so they can check out his work too. =)

Since I have seen such a great response from all of us with Sonlight; we ordered next year — Kindergarten. I can not believe my baby is beginning Kindergarten, but I am so glad to know he is going to be getting the best education and that I am able to see his achievements up close. I am the one that is able to help him when he needs it and to encourage him when he is struggling.

Zander and I were going thru our new curriculum that arrived yesterday. We were talking about school. He misunderstood something that I said and thought I meant I was sending him to public school. He replied with, “Mom, don’t send me away! I like staying here with you to learn. Its so fun.” Made my heart melt! Definitely encourages me for next year and that this past year and years to come are all worth it to be totally invested in this! Zanderman, you make it all worth it!!

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