Lexi’s Growing Up

Dale and I have both notice a big change in Lexi over the last few months. She is certainly developing a little personality complete with attitude. She is also developing very well in language, social and motor skills. And she IS a girly girl. I just wanted to take a few minutes to write down all the things she loves or doesn’t loves, so later we are able to cherish this time that goes by so quickly.

Zander and Lexi are two peas in a pod and best friends. I ponder about what the new addition means for them and the new baby. I hope that they all will get along as they do now. But for now it so awesome to see them play and love each other. If Zander is hurt or upset, Lexi will go over to him and

Zander and Lexi up to their mischief

Zander and Lexi up to their mischief. March '09

hug him and offer her support. (Zander does the same for her) They are really great together! Of course they have their sibling fights, but they truly love each other.

Lexi also has a great bond with Mommy and Daddy. She is so lovable and adorable. And I can not imagine our family without her. She gives hugs and kisses. She had developed her own little games with each family member.

Lexi is enjoying books even more. She has a few favorites. She loves Corduroy On Wheels and Doreen Cronin’s books; especially “Giggle, Giggle, Quack”. She has started to bring us books and ask us to read. She will even say, “Book”.

Lexi "reading" Milly Molly Mandy

Lexi "reading" Milly Molly Mandy. April '09

Lexi has several words she is able to say: mommy, daddy, ander (for zander), grammie, baby, quack, no, doggie, book, eat, ut oh. She will repeat almost anything she hears Mommy or Daddy say, which is not always good thing. She also has several words she signs: more, please, thank you..and understands banana, stop, help, sit, open, close, all gone,.. Recently, Dale was going off to work and had said good bye to all of us. As he opened the door to leave, Lexi started to half run half toddle (in that toddler way) right for the door saying, “no, no, no, no”. It was so very cute. She did not want her father to go to work. They gave each other a great big hug. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I hope to never forget that moment.

Lexi trying to convince Daddy not to go to work.  Good luck, Lexi!

Lexi trying to convince Daddy not to go to work. Good luck, Lexi! Feb '09

Lexi drawing while Zander does Home School

Lexi drawing while Zander does Home School. Feb '09

Lexi looooves to draw which probably is because Zander does. But nevertheless, she will climb, jump, look under furniture or do what ever it takes to find markers. I never had an issue with Zander writing on anything he was not suppose to. However, Lexi

Lexi searching for markers.

Lexi searching for markers. April '09

has been a challenge. She likes to write on anything, books, paper, floor, walls, whatever she sees is her canvas. We are working very hard to correct this quickly. =) She gets markers all over her and all over her clothes every time she has some. We do have and let her use crayons, chalk and pencils but she prefers markers and will make it well known. =)

She is a lil helper and wants so bad to help. After meals and snacks, we have Zander take his plate to the sink. Lexi tries to do this but is just not tall enough to get to the sink. If you don’t watch, she will then put it in the trash can, she can reach that. Give her a rag and she will wipe anything you ask. She gets up on a stool and really wants to help with dishes.

Lexi after dinner "doing the dishes"

Lexi after dinner "doing the dishes" Feb '09

I’m just a few weeks away from giving birth and when I point to my belly and tell her, “baby”; she will cross her arms, shake her head, and say, “no”. She is also checking out the option of little tantrums. So far nothing major but can see that she is testing the water to see what she can get away with.

She is just into riding the little cars. Zander loved those baby push/ride on cars. But Lexi is just now learning how to push her self across the room.

She can unzip, unsnap and get her nightclothes off. She seems to think this is hilarious. She especially loves to unzip and zip back. She also tries to put her shirts on by herself.

Helping clean up after dinner.

Helping clean up after dinner. March '09

She loves music (as our whole family does). She loves to dance and pretend her finger is a microphone (when brother is hogging the plastic one). While watching/listening to an American Idol sing, she put her hands up like a ballerina and twirled on her toes. How does a little girl just know to do that? Zander never did that till he saw his sister do that. We will play the radio and she just naturally begins to dance.

She (like her brother) loves to talk on the phone. Anything can be a phone. Both of them, at this age use their hand when they can not find or get to a toy one. In the van, they pretend to talk to each other on the phone. Lexi will put her hand against my (or Dale’s) face and want me to pretend to talk on her pretend phone.

Lexi loves the pool–loves being in water. If she hears the sliding door open, she will come a running to see if the person is going into the pool area. She almost out runs her brother to get into the pool. She does not like floats (unlike Zander at this age) She wants to play independently on the steps or be in some one arms totally in the water. Recently, we bought a small pool and both children play it in quite regularly. They love to splash and play with the water toys. And she also loves her baths. Several times she has gotten out her baby bath tub and just played in it, with her clothes on; no water of coarse.

Lexi getting a bath in the sink.

Lexi getting a bath in the sink. May '09

Lexi getting a bath in her baby tub.  She loves this tub.

Lexi getting a bath in her baby tub. She loves this tub. Feb '09

Lexi loves shoes. If you get her shoes, she will head straight for you. She likes to try to put them on. She likes to try on other family member shoes, too. She also like purses. She has one from Grammie Sackrider that she carries and she likes to go thru

Lexi playing with Zander's hair

Lexi playing with Zander's hair. March '09

mine. She will climb to get to it. She will pull over a stool, chair or whatever to get to it. She also loves to play with hair. She does not pull or get rough. She just likes to pat and put her fingers thru hair. She such a girly girl. Although, I probably shouldn’t (hehehe) when I put lip gloss on she asks for some and I do put a little on her lips. She thinks this is the best.

She is totally ready to be potty trained but mommy is holding her back until the new baby arrives. I am afraid that she will regress after the baby comes so I’m wanting to wait till her birthday. I see all the signs though. She tells you when she’s dirty and she’s holding her pee. Guess its time to find the little potties.

Lexi is very particular about what she likes to eat. She loves yogurt, crackers, and has to have a banana for breakfast. She does not like meat and is picky about her veggies. She loves fruit. Her absolute favorite is blueberries but not so fond of cantaloupe. Some times she will eat cheese and some times she will not.

She hasn’t always been, but recently she has become a snuggler. Whether its me during the day or Daddy during the evening; whoever is sitting, she wants to be in your lap. She seems to not care if you are up and doing something; she won’t ask to be held, but as soon as you sit, she asks to be in your lap.

Lexi knows how to ham it up for a camera.

Lexi knows how to ham it up for a camera. April '09

I have never had any trouble sending her to bed. She loves to sleep. You put her in her bed and she says, “AHHHHH” as you cover her over with her blanket. She sleep thru the night. It is very rare for her to wake up but if she does its usually because she does NOT feel well.

Miss Cutie at Applebee's. Feb '09

Miss Cutie at Applebee's. Feb '09

Lexi, you sure are growing up fast. Mommy just wanted to write a few things to remember this time. It goes so quickly. It seems just like yesterday I was pregnant with you and now in just a few short months you will soon be two. I love you very much, Princess.

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