Zander’s First Day of Kindergarten

I don’t know who was more excited, me or Zander, for his first day of kindergarten. I decided to start early since in just a couple weeks from beginning we are going to Hawaii. I didn’t want to get behind so we started on Monday, Aug 3rd.

I put up decorations and got everything ready the night before. I woke him early to make sure that he and I would not be interrupted by Lexi or Aiden. He got dress and then headed downstairs.

He noticed the decorations and actually became timid to go down the stairs. Not sure if it was a little much, nerves or just excited to have all of Mom’s and Dad’s attention totally on him. After a few minutes Dad finally coaxed him down.

We had breakfast together and started in.

We began with checking out our calendar and learning how it works. Throughout the year, he will be learning alot about it; the months of the year, how many days in a month, weather graphs, days of the week, etc.

Then we did our Bible studies, History, and some of his read alouds. He loves handwriting and we completed a lesson of that and did some Language arts. We had snack and a break. Then we completed some math and science. We went outside and played for a while after that. Lunch time came quickly. We had lunch. I read a chapter of The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner befor nap/quiet time.

And with that Zander completed his first day of kindergarten.

I can not believe Zander is officially a school ager, a kindergartener. I am so proud of him. He seemed to really enjoy it and did great. I’m sure the year will have some struggles here and there but I know I’m doing the right thing homeschooling him. He even made a comment about how he loves to do school. It was like the icing on the cake for the day.

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