Week 10 of Kindergarten

The last few weeks have flown by. We are working on week 10.

We started the Fun Tales readers. He read with no problem. (kinda wondering if I should have done 1st grade readers; it was so easy for him) When I was cooking dinner he stole the box and I caught him reading ’em. I told him, “oh I wanted you to read those to Mommy.” and he replied, “but Mommy, I can read these by myself.” Kinda sad I missed him reading them for the first time but was so happy to see him excited to be able to read by himself.

He really enjoyed “The Hundred Dresses”. He’s asked several times to reread it. Also the other day, Dale was teasing Lexi and Zander said, “Daddy, you shouldn’t tease Lexi.” and turned to me and said, “It could hurt her feelings like Wanda”.

He definitely caught on to that book but for some reason, isn’t following “The Light at the Tern Rock” as easily. It must be to wordy or something. I was pleasantly surprised he understood about the weak net and really enjoyed our conversation on keeping promises. We finish this book tomorrow.

We started the book “Living Long Ago” for History. He was totally and instantly into this book. I loved his answer to what would you use around the house to make clothes. Without missing a beat, “I would gather up all the cds and dvds and string and tape.” Which of course developed into great conversation. Stuff like this is why I’m loving Sonlight Curriculum. I think we might have to try his idea. =)

Math we are using Horizon. I am loving it. Singapore was just too cartoonish and distracting to DS. He wanted to make up stories about the pictures. lol Also, I didn’t like the learn it, test it and then its over. I like that Horizon is less busy picturewise and that a concept is seen several times thru out but in different ways. This way I can see he really does get it. Singapore did a unit on money but Horizon is slowly introducing coins with different concepts like dimes with 10s. He was able to grasp it better this way. YAY

Lexi is demanding to “Do school. Do school.” Previously she has played in the play area, sat in my lap, played with chalk and chalk board or something like that near us. She has always listened in to some of the books but now if Zander is doing handwriting…she wants to do handwriting…If Zander is doing science…she wants to do science. Its been interesting. I don’t want to discourager her so for now I plan to just let her be involved as she is able. If she decides not to participate, I’m ok with that, too, since she just so young. She seems to be following in Mommy’s and Brother’s footsteps and LOVES school.

Over a quarter of the way finished. Its gone fast but extremely well. I’m in the middle of reviewing everything to see where I could do better and Zander’s strengths and weaknesses. So far academically he is so advanced but I see that I need to get him back involved in soccer or t-ball; something physical and social would just complete and make a well rounded curriculum.

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