Week 8 of Kindergarten

I am so behind in blogging.  I really want to keep a log of the year.  I’m a bit behind but better to start late then never to do.

We are working on week 8.  The previous 2 weeks have been so busy and I am coming down with something. My throat hurts which is making talking and read alouds difficult.  Dale is helping and reading the bible readings.  Since I haven’t felt well, we’ve been doing school in the afternoon/evening and I so amazed how smooth and fast its gone.  I don’t know if its because he’s gotten out some energy or Lexi is not as distracting but we might continue at this time for awhile as its working very well.

Last week we finished The Father’s Dragon by Ruth Stiles Gannett.  We both so enjoyed this book.  We read a chapter or two a night and every night Zander said he wanted more.  When I said, “The End”, he said, “NOOOOOOOOO”.

We started the Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes and I can already see the wheels turning in his head.  Its about two girls repent of “making fun” of the poor girl in their class who says she has a hundred dresses. He had a little trouble with the flashback/remembering part.  After he said, “I thought Wanda was missing,” I had to explain that Maddie is remembering what happened.

Zander reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Lexi and Aiden

Zander reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear to Lexi and Aiden

He is reading already..Just a few weeks of working on phonics and every time we turn around he’s reading…signs, magazine, books, where ever he sees words he tries to pick out words he can read and learns new ones.  He had a cup from a restaurant that has writing on it and tell Dale, “hey, dad, my cups reads, ‘Fit Kids’!”  Dale is totally impressed.  (so am I)  Zander is also using his new found skills to write words.  So amazing to watch this new skill blossom.

He is thriving in Math.  He doesn’t like to trace and copy numbers but he’s doing well in learning new skills like counting money and adding.  He’s already mastered reading a calender and can count by his self to 100 by one and by ten.

The beginning observations of our bean project

The beginning observations of our bean project

If you ask him what his favorite subject is “Science”.  We have been doing lots of project with plants.  When we were in Hawaii, we went to the Dole plantation and visited their gardens.  It was very cool as he points to the different parts of the flowers and tells me what they are. Yea, he is getting it.  Also, he was watching Dora and remembered from week 1, “Hey, that’s not right” as he points to the rainbow and knows the correct color order.  And we were in the van and the lightening flashes and he explains, “hey, Dad, know why you see lightening before you hear it?  Light travels faster then sound.  Mommy taught me that”  Make my heart melt.  Our latest project is growing kidney bean plants.  And it has progressed to now we have #1 getting sunlight and water #2 only getting sunlight and #3 only getting water.  Today as we made our observation he sees that #2 is drying out and has withered.  “MOM, we can’t let it die.  It needs water to survive.”

Zander transplanting the bean plants and Lexi helping.

Zander transplanting the bean plants and Lexi helping.

The first 2 months have gone so fast and he’s learning so much.  I hope he continues to learn but I really wish time would slow down. =)

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  1. Best Uncle says:

    Good at counting money you say? If he can be good ant earning and counting it, who needs to trace letters? LOL

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