Zander Writes His First Book

I’m so proud.

So one of our activities in week 11 Language Arts is the cat book activity. They give you the illustrations and the child is to tell you the story.

I had him color the pics, cut the pages, make the book, we put construction paper cover on it and stapled it together. I asked him if he could tell me the story. He glanced thru the pages and told me his version. I thought we were done. He quickly let me know we were not finished.

“Mom, we need to write the words on each page. Books are like that.”

So I dictated the words he wanted on each page.

Then he told me to write the title of the book on the cover and write “The end” at the end.

Next he asked to put the author on the front. (his name..hehehe)

and now here’s where I was like WOW..

He told me he need to write about the author and the book on the back “like real books.” He had me dictate about him and the book on the back. He kept saying, “he” instead of me or I or Zander. I asked him why. He replied, “that’s the way books do it, Mom.”

Finally he finishes up with, “I need a picture of me to go on the back.”


He explains, we see pictures of authors on our books and wants to add his.

How cute!! So I got a wallet picture and let him cut and paste it to the back.

I think my Kindergartener knows his parts of a book. lol and he “wrote” his first book. =D

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