I’m behind but not for long

Ok sooo I have not posted to my blog since October. This is not because there is not thing to say and that we are boring people. Just the opposite.

One, I had a baby. He doesnt like to sleep, unlike my previous kids who slept all the time. He also eats more often and you guessed that means needs more diaper changes. Also he’s my first who thinks he must be held at all times. ugh We Love You, Aiden!

Two, I have been potty training Lexi. At first this is very time consuming as I try to put her on the potty every 1/2 hour and then hour and so forth until she starts telling me she has to go. This also requires more time for changes when accidents happen and more time for laundry and bed changing.

Three, I homeschool. This requires time to research, time to prep, time for the lesson and time to explore with the children. From 930 to 1230 we do some type of school…reading, math manipulatives, coloring, cutting, writing, workbooks…right now we have an ant farm and butterfly habit going that we are observing and making lap books with. I will say that Sonlight (the curriculum we use) does help me with my schedule but I add hands on activities and extra fun field trips. And now that things are doing better he has 2 extracurricular activities: Awana and Karate.

Four, chores. Every woman’s nightmare and daily nag on our conscience. Laundry, dusting, vacuuming, moping, bathrooms, trash/recycles, dishes, kitchen, meals/snacks prepped, cooked and cleaned up, mail, bills, errands. It is tasks that has a never ending list and a never ending cycle. Daily, weekly, semi weekly, monthly chores… Ladies, here are two resources that have helped me get my life back on track. www.modivatedmoms.com and www.eatathomecooks.com

Five, WE MOVED. In November, we moved. Not only did we move; we moved 55 miles away and in less then 2 weeks. I packed and packed and packed. I am trying to not unpack but yet stay organized and the place livable. We will be moving again. Long story email me if your curious.

Six, A Baby Connection. All though I have put this on hold. Some of my customers still wish to make purchases and need customer assistance with some issues. I should have put the business on hold a long time ago cause after 2 weeks of on hold message on the site….I got flooded with sales.

Seven, I have a husband. I love him dearly. He requires quality time. This one on the list (husband him self) actually helps with some of the list but he also adds to the list. He also makes more work, more laundry, more dishes and more picking up around the house. He also added football to our list..he is not home to help on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursday as he is at practice. I do not see him till after 11pm and most nights till midnight. Also this occupies our Saturday. Takes an hour to get there, have to be there 2 hours before games, the game last 2.5 hours, then an hour to get back home. (thank you Grammie Sackrider for your help with the kids during this time)

Eight, a little personal her but I have a thyroid problem. Right after Aiden was born, I was ill. (not as bad as with Lexi) but I couldn’t get it regulated and I had extreme exhaustion. Any one with a thyroid problem that couldn’t get it fix will relate. On top of not being correct, I had a newborn up at all hours of the night and day.

Nine, the holidays happened….For Thanksgiving we went out of town to visit my brother. I loved seeing them. (they probably noticed my extremed exhaustion) I loved being there and wish we lived closer…for christmas we did some traditional activities and joined Dale’s family for the day. Dale’s sister came to town…Zander’s birthday with festivities happend…My birthday…

Ten, LIFE. I have several more I could list but I’ll just leave with this for all the rest of the things that happen cause LIFE happens…

I say all this cause although things are crazy…I want to remember this time and things are getting better. The number one difference I can see is I’m starting to feel better, get my energy back and therefor can deal better with it all. Aiden is starting to sleep thru the night. (I know doc say 5 hours is sleeping thru the night but that just doesn’t cut it. sorry. I NEED more sleep than that. If 5 hrs is sleeping thru the night, he has been doing that for a very long time but sleeping thru the night for me requires not up and playing in the middle of the night.) I’m getting more organized and back to routine and structured life. ahhh the way I like it. I also am developing friendships and spending time with some great ladies. Thank you, Rosa and Monica, for my surprise birthday party. It meant more to me than you know.

The blog is important to me as I want to look back and see our lives and how it unfolded when I’m old and grey and even read my thoughts as we went thru it. I’ve been working on some posts to catch up my blog from where I left off till now. In the next several weeks you will see part of our lives for the past 4-6 months on fast forward. =)

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