What’s This, Mom?

In August Dale and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.. Can you believe it? 10 years?

For me I look back and just wonder where did the time go? When I lay on my bed at night and close my eyes, I can remember the moment like I am still there…the night I got engage and laying in the bed and putting my hand in the air and the light from outside the window made my ring sparkle. I remember holding my dad’s arm seconds before going down the isle and him turning to me, “Princess, if you don’t go thru with this I’ll give you $1,000 cash.” “Daddy, you’re testing me. I love him. Are you ready?” “Ok, Baby Doll.” I feel his arm, smell his cologne, see his perched lips and hear his voice…yet…its been 10 years.

Dale and I have talked about going to Hawaii for our 10 year anniversary since we got married. As it neared we realize this was going to be a difficult adventure to complete. I had Aiden July 3 and he wouldn’t be 2 months old when we leave for Hawaii. There was NO way I was leaving a newborn behind for a week. How could we bring him and explain to the other two they are not allowed? But we both knew if we didn’t go for our anniversary…we would not go at all.

I also was not up to my full self so we enlisted the help of my mom. So for our anniversary Dale, me, my mom, Zander, Lexi and Aiden we all flew to Hawaii.

The time flew while we were there…The first day was filled with flying there, getting the rental, driving to the cottage, settling in a quick trip to the little market across the street.

The next day was filled with errands as we look for a Sam’s Club, Walmart and some where that sells goats milk. Then a nap and FINALLY a trip to the beach.

The kids looooved the different types of plants and trees. The colors were so vibrant and the absolute picture of tropical. Hawaii is so different and opposite from where we live. . . water, humid, color, sounds, smells…We had a rain the first night and it brought out some little creatures that my kids were thrilled to find..The theme of the first few days was, “What’s this, Mom?”

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