Zander and Daddy on a Bike Ride

Zander was getting to big for his trike that he just absolutely loved so during the summer (2009) we purchased a “big boy bike”. With his birthday and Christmas only a couple weeks from each other, I find that its really hard to wait for certain things to be given as a gift. Dale agreed that Zander would get much more use out of it in July than waiting for Christmas and then it be too cold. (these are Arizonian kids how wear winter coats, gloves and hats when its 70 degrees out)

I’m glad we made this decision, Dale and Zander rode bikes together up until the move in November. I’m glad they are able to spend this time together especially since Aiden has joined us so that Z could have more one on one time.

While the rest of us took the van, Dale and Zander rode to Burger King.

these pics are from July…I’m a lil behind but working on catching up.

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