Why do I know this and why does it bother me?

So a week ago on TBS I was watching According to Jim and the cable went out…I didn’t get up and shut off the TV off..it was nap/quiet time and I was immersed in the SL forum.  It eventually came back..but it was the 3 hour prior to this…according to jim…did that make since?

so it was 3 o’clock and the episode that came on at 12 o’clock came on again and guess what..TBS ran the prior 3 hours again and has been 3 hours behind schedule ever since.

I thought it would fix itself..I mean hasnt any one else in my area noticed that movies are not playing at the right time. That what is on tv does not match the tv guide…

I like Home Improvement in the back ground to remind me to get upstairs to do school and According to Jim at noon to say LUNCH time….and late night shows to go to sleep to. LOL  But off schedule is messing me up… I don’t want Married with Children that is suppose to be on while I’m sleeping; on when I wake up.. It is JUST weird!!!

So I called the cable company today.  I told them what happened and asked if it could be fixed.  And guess what…..

SHE LAUGHED AT ME… (you probably are too but I can’t hear you :p)

I’m sorry but its like the snoring being taken away at night..I’m use to certain sounds/shows meaning certain things…We dont have the tv on all the time (however this post makes it sound like it is)  but it really bugs me that it doesn’t match the guide.

So she says she’ll find out what she can do but she thinks that the tv guide just needs to be updated.  I told her that doesn’t make sense cause that now puts the Lopez Tonight show at 3am  hmmm a late night show is now an early morning show.  She said, “I’ll notify them.”  hmmmm what does these mean?? :rolleyes:


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