Box Day 2010



I love Box Day!


Since around Christmas I’ve been looking into what we will do and need for next school year.  I started by looking at my favorite curriculum, Sonlight, and what they have to offer for 1st grade.  Then I started searching the home school forum that I frequent of their past posts with suggestions, tips and favs.  I love scouring the internet to see all the options and ideas.  Next I started discussions with the gals to see what the moms that were currently doing 1st grade felt about their year and how they would make it better the next time.  Also chatting with moms that have gone thru K with me and what they are thinking next year will entail.

I thought about for the summer doing an animal unit study especially since we have a zoo membership and the kids absolutely love animals.  However, after the thought of going to the Zoo at 100 degree weather, I believe our better option is taking a little break after Kindergarten and then going ahead with 1st grade.  When the weather gets nicer here, we will be prepared to take advantage of the outdoors.

As the kindergarten year was ending, I evaluated our school year to see what we liked, what worked, what we didn’t like, what didn’t work, how could I make things better. For history, we will be using Sonlight curriculum and adding some hands on activities including Playmobil toys, educational figures that teach history and civilizations.  Zander loves Sonlight read alouds.  This coming year I would like to add some books on CD.  He will be using Sonlight’s language arts but adding wordly wise to increase vocabulary.  I will be adding a spelling, too, but still looking at both Horizon’s Spelling and All About Spelling.  We are continuing with Horizon math and Sonlight’s science.  For extra curricular, he will be continuing his art program, karate and in August Awana will start back up.

Zander checking out core 1


Lexi has been asking more and more for read alouds of her own and to “School”, “Do school”.  She often sits in on Zander’s school and readings.  She frequently brings me one of Zander’s books and asks me to read.  I thought it was about time to look at special books just for her.  

Lexi checking out P3/4


In March, I ordered the materials that we wee getting from Sonlight.  Just like last year, when those white boxes with the blue lettering showed up I felt like some one had sent me the best presents ever!!  I get so excited like little kids at Christmas.

Zander, Lexi & Aiden enjoying Box Day


I set up both sets of books, one for Zander and one for Lexi.  I woke them up early from their naps and we enjoyed looking at everything for hours.

Zander checking out the new Math manipulatives


I have a few things here and there to get, put together to finish the planning of next year but I am totally excited and looking forward to what the next school year will bring.

Zander and Lexi checking out the science stuff.


Boys posing for Mommy.

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