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I am part of an online forum.  For last several months I have been checking in and reporting what we do.  We also chat about what we are doing, ask and answer question.  Its a really good accountability tool.  Also, I’ve enjoyed getting to know these ladies and its been so neat to walk thru this year with other homeschool moms doing the same thing I am.

I thought that I would add them to my blog so that I can look back and see the progression of the year.  These are my check in ramblings…..

Check in 10-26

I can’t believe its been another 2 weeks since we’ve checked in. 

Last week was a lil hard because of how busy things are around here. We went to the library one day and another we went to the space center. And because of the weird schedule last week; it was hard for DS to get back to the routine and we struggled yesterday. The only things we were able to complete was math, history/geography and read alouds.

But today was a breeze… he was done with all of his work for the day (and made up yesterday) in less then an hour (except one read out aloud saved for nap or bedtime) He was able to get 2 days worth of science, read his reader, 2 days of worth handwriting, copy work, critical thinking activity and LA activities all completed.

I’ve been reading some of the posts about Ten and Twenty and Mary on Horseback. I think this week my homework is to read them and see if DS is ready for them since they are the next two books scheduled. Any suggestions of what to do instead of them?

Check In Week of 11/09

We had a pretty tough week. Out of character for ds, he didn’t want to do school last week. Its not normal for him; I think he feels a lil ill. We had a light week of school. We also just found out that we are moving and we are going out of town for Thanksgiving so school might not be our normal schedule for the next few weeks. 

On a positive note, he is sounding out so many words. We can not go to the store or drive down the road with out him sounding out words and telling us what the words read. Today he asked, “What does ‘Red Hot Buy’ mean?” We were in front of an ACE hardware where they were advertising christmas lights. Being able to read has opened a whole new world for him. I love it.

Check in Week of 12/07

Can you believe its been a month since our last check in?

For us, we haven’t been in our normal routine. Between moving and a week gone on a Thanksgiving trip to Missouri, we have not completed alot of work. We did a bit of school work while at my brother’s for the holiday and some RA while on the road. DS also raised the question this weekend why is our pee yellow and he and dh did some research to find out why. Now he goes around telling everyone. lol During the move, it was great to watch him and his sister getting along and working together. Cooperative play, something that is very important in life.

Today was the first day back into school routine and it was great. Even DS said he missed school. He was so excited to tell DH of our day. I love hsing. I love seeing my lil ones excited to learn. 

Check in Week of 01/04

We enjoyed two weeks of Christmas school. We did lots of projects and holiday movies and daddy was home to enjoy a weeks worth with us.

Then we took a week off and today we are back to our regular routine. We are starting week 17.

Check in Week of 01/11

Last week we came down with a stomach bug. So that ruined a few days but knew they were feeling better when DS brought his math book to me and told me it was time to do some work. lol

We have about one day’s worth of work to catch up on. We also are expecting to a SL meet up with Angi.  Yeah!

Today is Zander’s birthday! Can’t believe he’s 6 today! When I put him to bed I told him that it was the last time he’d go to bed as a 5 year old. And all wide eyed he said, “Tomorrow is my day?” He’s excited.

Any one have some add ons they did with Doctor Dolittle? Or some pics of a lap book? I checked the sticky for some resources but lot of links were broken or now have to be a member for.

Check in Week of 02/01

I have been so uber busy that we still have a few things left to complete week 20..which I thought we’d have done last Thursday. 

DS knows that after those things are completed we are going to do our 100 day activities. So of course he’s been begging to get things done. I had planned to do 100 stuff Fri or today but looks like more like Wednesday. 

We finished Dr Dolittle. My DS really enjoyed it. After I said, “The End.” He said, “NOOOOO!!” That’s always a good sign.

I normally have several weeks planned ahead and realized this morning that I had come to the end of my preplanned things.. So today I spent getting the next few weeks in order.. I have everything together except tonight/tomorrow I will go thru the sticky, do a search here and on search the internet and see if there are any activities for In Grandma’s Attic. Since we will be spending the next 4 weeks on it; I’d like to do a lapbook or some activities.

I have ordered our butterflies and ants for science. I expect the butterflies here next week. (its warm here in AZ) And the ants in 3-4 weeks. We got our ant farm all ready on Fri. Now ds asks every day when are they getting here and stares at it as if they were in there. lol But when I called to use a credit card to pay for the ants…they said put the sand in with water ASAP to be ready when they got there. I guess I have to endure the impatient child..At least he is very excited.

Check in Week of 02/08

From last weeks thread..Our butterflies were suppose to come in this week and our ants in 3 more weeks..They BOTH showed up Friday.

I’ve decided to pause or half pace other subjects. We’ll concentrate on Science and have fun before our project dies. I plan to do all SL science K thru butterflies..I think that’s week 25. We are making drawings of the changes we see in the ant hill and caterpillars. We also are doing an ant lap book and butterfly unit study. He’s has loved it and is having a blast! 

Although today he said, “I know you said we could take a break with the other stuff but I miss it.” Its only been a couple days. lol He did 2.5 pages of math and I let him pick out of few books what to read. He chose the Hero Tales and In Grandma’s Attic. I know there will be bumps in the road (and not all days are this easy) but wow I am so glad we chose to homeschool. I’ve so enjoyed watching him fascinated and learning so much!

Its such great weather right now so we are spending lots of time outside as well. I rather them enjoy the weather now and “do school” when its 110 outside.
Check in Week of 02/22

All five butterflies have “popped” (like in Hungry Caterpillar..this is how DS6 explained it) He loves watching them and making drawings of them.

Our first ant farm failed. All the ants died. So we got more ants and a different ant farm. I HIGHLY recommend this one. We now have a very thriving ant colony. And DS6 is thrilled with all of their work.

Next week we go back to our “normal” routine and seat work. I’ve enjoyed doing something different for awhile but I think all of us are ready.. Here and there DS has asked for math, if he could read his readers and to continue our RA (we’re reading In Grandma’s Attic)…which I’ve gladly complied. We’ve also enjoy lots of outside time as our 110 degree weather will be here faster than I want. =)

Check in Week of 03/15

We just finished In Grandma’s Attic. When Zander realized we finished he was bummed. “No more Grandma stories?” I think we might have to purchase the sequel.  I really enjoyed these stories too. And we’ve really had some great discussions about them. I think its been a great character builder as its been a gateway to talk about honesty vs lying, pride, jealousy, patience, forgiving, selflessness and so much more. Another great Sonlight pick.

We are headed into The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. My dh is excited to start it. He looooooves the movie but has never read the book. I’ve never seen the movie or read the book. We own the DVD. I’ve tried watching it twice and both times fell asleep.  What is your opinion of the movie? What about it being something a 6 year old could watch after reading the book? Love to hear your thoughts on it.

Check in Week of 04/26

We moved this weekend…so things here have been crazy.

This week I’ll be unpacking and organizing so we’ll get some school work done but probably not a full week.

Hope all of you are doing well.

Check in Week of 05/03

For us, we are settling into our new place slowly but nicely. We haven’t missed a beat with school and can not believe we’ll be done in 4 weeks.

Although my DS6 says he likes Pooh Corner, and he’s laughing at all the right places so I know he getting some of it…he raised his hand in the middle of chapter 3 to ask a question…which was odd so I said “yes, Zander.” he said, “I just wanted to say that maybe this book would be good as a movie.” I think the run on sentences are getting to him, too. LOL

Its been about 10 degrees cooler than the normal temperature this time of year and we’ve been taken advantage of that.

Saturday we went to the zoo. The kids loooove when we go. Our zoo had baby zebras. One was 2 weeks old and one was born the night before….so cute. The kids enjoyed seeing the baby zebras. All three of my dc played in the water play area and had a blast.

Yesterday was so windy we got the kite out and enjoyed that as family.

Check in Week of 05/10

Last week was a bit crazy for us. Kids had the stomach flu. First Lexi then Zander and then DH. I got it a few days after them and Aiden never did get sick. PTL. 

We have a few things left to finish up this week that we didn’t get to last week–a bit of science and some Hero Tales reading.

Zander finished his Book 1 for Awana. He started in January. I’m so proud of him. The leaders were impressed he got in his last sections in. But yay he did it! Next week they will have a little awards ceremony and he’ll get his ribbon. The church is not going to do Awana next year and this is sad. He has really enjoyed it.

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