Kindergarten Completed


I thought that we would finish Wednesday of this week but we finished last Friday.

We are off to Disneyland to celebrate! We leave Wednesday night! 

I didn’t realize how tough Pooh’s Corner was until these last few RA. I read just what was scheduled and Zander asked, “that’s it?” He begged for more. He really enjoyed A Grain of Rice and the Please and Thank You book. Which each was read in one sitting and asked to be repeated. 

I am so proud of Zander. Thursday night I hung on the wall several projects that we’ve completed since August. When he came to the school room he stopped and I heard him say, “Wow”. I didn’t reply I just let him look, take everything in and remember. After about 10 minutes of looking at everything, he walked over to me and gave me a hug. I thought I would just bawl but I kept it together, told him that I am proud of him, how much I enjoyed being his mommy and watching him learn. 

Zander posing for me by some of the projects on the wall.


As I watched Zander complete his Horizon Workbook on Friday, I remembered how at the beginning of the year I read the directions to him; now he reads them all by his self. Dh and I are both amazed at how much he has retained. At random times, things reminds him of something we’ve done and he’ll start explaining or sharing facts to dh. Dh always asks, “How do you know?” “Well, Mommy taught me.” or “Mommy showed me in a book.” are phrases we hear him say frequently. I loooove this.

We are going to take a couple weeks off but then we’re gonna start in on 1st grade. We are both excited to read Charlotte’s Web!!

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