Orange Belt

We have been super busy!  Finishing up Awana projects, finishing up school and working towards a Karate graduation.  Zander has been practicing and learning all his new forms.  Last time he received his orange belt recommended, which we were told that is the first degree or level orange belt.  But he has been very excited to finally get his orange belt decided (full orange belt).

During the testing he had to complete self defense, form and break board.  When he broke the board it was nice, clean, good form, and surprised Mr Martin with the strength he displayed.

Zander with a power blow!


He’s asking about being apart of the Black Belt Club which is where they spar off, use equipment and weapons.  (Yikes)  I told him would need to prove that he really wants to do this through his attitude and listening skills while at Karate.  Sometimes he has a really hard time not standing like a black belt and talking too much. (I have no idea where he gets this. lol )  He says that he really wants to do it.  I plan talk to the instructor next week to see what she thinks and then I will make a chart based on her feedback for Zander to earn stickers till he reaches the goal.

I’m so proud of Zander.  He had to work really hard for this orange belt!  He already has said, “now on to the yellow belt”  That’s my baby boy!!  I know you can do it!

The change over in belts from recommended to decided orange.

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