Harold and the Purple Crayon


Harold and the Purple Crayon Activity

On Tuesday, I read Harold and the Purple Crayon 4 times. I read it in the afternoon and when finished, I heard a chorus of AGAIN, AGAIN! Then at bedtime before we even sat down to read….THE CRAYON, THE CRAYON, AGAIN..I’m sure you can guess what they said at the end of it on the 3rd time. I think they like this one.  

One of the times I read it, I ask Zander to count the windows on the house. So he counted 1, 2, 3, 4…and then Lexi, who’s 2, counted the windows from the unfinished house on the other page…5, 6, 7. I was so proud. She has really learned a lot in the last few months.

Since they obviously enjoyed this book, I decided to put up huge papers on the wall and gather all purple writing things; crayons, markers, pencils, chalk.  I brought them downstairs, relayed the rules and reminders (writing on paper, NOT walls) and they had fun.  Zander definitely got the relation between the activity and the story.  We drew several of the ideas that Harold had drawn and plenty that we our own.

Fun Fun Fun


Lexi and her purple pencil


Zander and his purple marker

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