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Mighty Mind


I purchased the P3/4 package from Sonlight in March for some special books for Lexi.  As I have mentioned before she is begging for her school.  This package has a selection of educational tools including: books, some art supplies, cd and few games.  Mighty Minds is one of the educational games included in this package.

Mighty Minds has 32 colored shapes or design blocks that are used to create figures and designs.  The child could use the cards that are included, the tray that has 4 designs or his/her imagination.  Its created to develop skills in problem solving, creative thinking, counting, sorting, categorizing, and matching.  It also assists with eye-hand and fine motor coordination.  The manufactures suggested ages are 3 to 8 years old.  Incase you’re looking them up, Mighty Minds is made by Leisure Learning Products, Inc. located in Stamford, CT.  A cool little tid bit, they have won the Parents Choice Award.  Their website is www.mightminds.com

Lexi is two so she is not quite on the manufacture’s age range but I wanted to see how she would do and I thought she might like it.  I pulled out card #1. She easily found 2 semi circles and put them in the correct spot with almost no directions.  Then with a little help from me she was able to put them together in the build it spot.  She did fantastic.  After the first one she needed no help with the next 3 cards.  I’m sure she would have done more but I wanted to pace her.  Then I just let her play and use her imagination.  She loved it.

Lexi showing off her card and shapes.


Zander is 6, who is in the middle range of the manufacture’s suggested ages.  He was able to use all 32 shapes and fill in all 4 designs on the tray with almost no assistance.  He was excited that he was able to build the designs by himself and wanted to do more.  He laughed and smiled and really seemed to enjoy it.

Zander excited to show off he completed the designs.


When I told them that we needed to clean up for lunch, neither wanted to stop.  They asked for more time.  =)

I read the insert from the box and saw where extra tiles are able to be purchased.  I think I might consider this so they could work on this at the same time; not for corporative but parallel play.  Having the extra tiles, they wouldn’t have to share or wait for the other one to give them a piece they need for their design, too.  They were both able to use it but on their different levels.  Mighty Minds does have other themes.  I noticed they have travel (magnetic), an aquarium design puzzles and a big idea book, which all sound like something my kids would really enjoy.

Over all I think that this is something that we will get great use out of.  Definitely something that kept their interest and was still challenging to increase their skills.  This mommy gives it a thumps up.

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