Maricopa Monitor

Zander has had some very cool opportunities recently.  One of them, he is apart of a local Cub Scout organization.  They have “go see it” to different places and are exposed to a wide variety of places.  This day in December he went with his den to the Maricopa Monitor, a local newspaper.  The den was given a tour and an informational discussion about what they do at the newspaper’s office.  They were able to ask questions.  Zander decided to ask, “Do you know if Santa’s real?”  lol  OHHHH the parents right before Christmas just loved it.  He knows that Santa is not real.   He had already been told he couldn’t tell any children as that would take away from there play.  So later he told me, well you didn’t say I couldn’t ask about it.  And this is why I try always to get a preview of the question before he gives it. Oh well, could have been worse.  All in all, he had a great time!!

Thanks again to the Maricopa Monitor!!

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