Aiden’s New Seat

Aiden has a new place that he loves to sit!  Any time he sees anyone but especially Mommy open the fridge, he comes running!  He likes to sit on the bottom part of the refrigerator.  Its the perfect sized seat for him.  He just sits down and acts like that was made specifically for him.  And he’s very proud he has found such a place for him..  This sometimes gets in away of trying to get things out of the fridge and when its time to close the door, Aiden is NOT very cooperative.  Its as if he’s wondering why you are taking away his favorite chair.  Look out Future Aiden’s wife!!  I have a feeling he will have a special seat in the living room that noooo other person is allowed to sit in. hehehe   Of course when I tried to take a picture of him sitting there; he wasn’t having it.. Every time I’d put down the camera, he’d go back to his place.. but as soon as I’d go take a shot.. He jump from it.. Such a little monkey!


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