Back to School

Today we began school time again..  Its always tough on My Mister Man, Zander!  He is a very structured, routine individual… and when you take him out of routine for several weeks, he begins his own new routines.  So when its time to get back to work, there are always at least little hiccups.  He had a little distraction to day that his cousin was there.  But all in all it was a good day.. We were able to get things done and get us back into routine.. Lexi completed some of her Kumon book sheets and we read some from A Little Golden Book Collection Eloise Wilkin Stories!  She and her cousin are enjoying this book.   Aiden was enjoying some toys. He was staring out  the window and then frantically tried to tell us all something was out there.. Sure enough we found the visitor that was out there.

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