We have some new additions

We have been planning and looking forward to my mom coming for an extended visit.. Planning Since before December 2009 when she had to retire due to her department of the State of Maine being closed.  In May2010 she went to my brother’s in Missouri to spend six months and in November 2010 we went and spent Thanksgiving with the family.  She returned with us.  She’ll be staying with us till May 2011.  Maybe we will be able to talk her into staying in Phoenix?



But recent events has given us some happy news.. my brother was offered a job here in Maricopa as a teacher!  Only thing.. he has to be here for the start of the new semester and his wife is still under contract with her school district.  So we have two additional new members to our household.. Although temporary…I’m excited for them to join us.  I’m excited that that means even more family to be around.  Its nice after so long not being near my side of the family but only seeing them here and there for holidays and short visits..   10 years ago, Dale and I were over 1000 miles aways from any family.  Now both sides are going to be near by.


My niece



My brother's first day of school...teaching that is.


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