Zander’s 7th Birthday Part 2


While Dale took Zander to see a movie for some guy time.. I was wrapping presents and getting the cake.  I also had to get Lexi ready for dance class.

Next is time for Zander’s karate class.  When its your birthday, the person is allowed to wear a special birthday black belt that says, “It’s my birthday!”  Zander had talked about wearing this belt for over a week, getting very excited that he was going to be able to wear the special belt.  When we showed up Miss Molly was busy but Zander made it well known that he would be waiting for it. lol  The belt is extra long and they make it a game out of how many times does it wrap around you.  Zander was very proud of his special belt.

They did their normal form, board breaks, self defense but they also played a hula hoop game.  The child had to go thru it as it rolled.. Zander went thru every one.  He one and was sooo excited.  Dale and I were so proud and cheered like crazy.. So did Lexi and Faith!!

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