Aiden, You Have Been Caught

The mornings are absolutely crazy for me… beds made, 3 kids dressed, get myself ready for the day, throw a load of laundry in, breakfast for us all…all that and school starts at 9am.  Not long after this regular madness, I happen upon my 1 year old.  He has gone into the pantry, taken his favorite treat, found a school pencil box, brought both the box and the cereal bar to the table, open the box, takes the scissors out and that’s when I see him and HE”S BEEN CAUGHT RED HANDED. LOL

OH MAN! I've been caught!


Hey, What cha doing, Aiden?

That’s right!  This little guy is sooo smart.  He knows his little fingers are not strong enough to open the package so he went in search for scissors to open it.  ohh My Little Monkey!!  What are you going to getting into next! lol


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