Lexi Update 2011

We end our school year around April.  Thought I’d a moment  to reflect on Lexi’s achievements for the year and glance ahead at what’s next.

Lexi turned 3 this school year.  Hard to believe this time last year we were potty training a 2 year old.  She has grown up in so many ways.  Physically she grown inches which alone is amazing but its not just that.  Her vocabulary is incredible.  She talks with good grammar skills and pronunciation for her age.   She is able to write her name by tracing or by looking at it.  She’s still working on her numbers.  She’s known all her colors and most of her shapes for while now.  She absolutely loves glue!!  She could and has sat for hours and just cut paper and glue paper.  She also enjoys coloring and drawing with a pencil.  I’ve noticed that she chooses a pencil and draws more with it then colors.  She’s still my quiet one and likes to be alone lots of time to play.  However I see her cooperative play more and more with both little and big brother.  She adores both!  Would do anything that Zander asks her to do; which isn’t always good. lol And tries to take care of Aiden.  Sometimes I have to remind her that he’s my baby and that she’s mine, too. But she looks out for him and I appreciate and love that about her.

Next year I am going to attempt Abeka K4 with her.  I’m thinking 1/2 days.  She is begging for more and more school work.  I remember being the same way.  I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get enough of it.  She will also do Handwriting Without Tears Prek.  I tried HWT with Zander for Kindergarten and hated it but I think the prek looks pretty much what I’m looking for.  I’ll have to do an evaluation of it this year.  She’ll also be tagging along with Zander on some of his stuff as she likes.  I did get the Artistic Pursuits for Prek.  I have done AP book one with Zander for two years (will be starting book two the following school year)  We’ve enjoyed it so I thought we would try it out.

She and I have talking here and there about what she calls “my school”  She’s very excited to what’s ahead.  I am too!  Sad to say she really is not a toddler but a true preschooler.  Bye Bye, Baby Lexi!  Hello, Little Miss Princess Lexi!


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