What is Charlotte Mason?

I have research homeschool curriculum for over 11 years.  Over the years I knew something  was off, knew that there was something I was looking for, knew that there was more to this so I just kept researching hoping to find it.  I either didn’t let it sink into my heart or just plain ignored the constant red flags that kept going off….  Ok maybe it was both.  Are you experiencing some of that too?

We start homeschooling.  Its new and shiny.  Its exciting.  It has a journey ahead that is full of challenges and sweet moments.  Is this it?  Its a journey with many pitstops and seasons along the way.  Is this it?

This weekend I attended the AFHE Convention 2018.  I finally went to Sonja Shafer’s workshops.  And it finally sank from my head to my heart.  Its not just school at home.  We are educating the whole child.  What does this mean?  Charlotte Mason says, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.”  I encourage  you to go here to find more information.  They are the expertise in this subject.  However, I will say, this IS the difference to go from school at home and to homeschooling.  Its a life style of learning and offering simple but a buffet of knowledge for the children.

This household is about to embark our Charlotte Mason journey.  Its exciting!  Its also a huge step in developing not only our homeschool life but our lifestyle, period.  It is guiding us towards the direction of this journey I have always envisioned for us.

Come join us!

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